New product line presented by DASCOM Europe GmbH

Printer specialist increases its range of products in the area of needle and flatbed printers
1225 (PresseBox) (Ulm, ) Twelve months after the official market launch of Ulm-based DASCOM Europe GmbH, the new range of needle and flatbed printers produced by the leading global supplier in the business printing sector is now on the market.

The range in the needle and flatbed printer product line, sporting the brand name "Tally", was expanded by five new products. The new Tally Dascom products in the 1000 series offer a more individual choice of speedy, flexible and compact needle and flatbed printers. The highlights of the 1000 series are easy handling, the various print-head options ranging from 9 to 24 needles, a printing width ranging from 80 to 136 characters, and the ability to print on both single-sheet and continuous stationery. Depending on the area of application, the new portfolio presents a choice of products designed to meet customer requirements. With the introduction of the new printers, the word "versatile" has been added to the attributes "reliable" and "flexible", which have been the hallmark of the Tally brand for many years.

Product versatility ranges from compact needle printers for continuous stationery to extra-wide flatbed printers for freight documents in multiple copies. "It is important to meet the needs aris-ing from the various tasks with a more targeted approach. And that won't work with just a single product", explains Michael Ried, DASCOM Europe GmbH's marketing manager. As such, a printer's ability to penetrate up to seven copies when printing form sets, for example, is a crucial fa-tor in the purchase decision. For others, however, decisive factors are the easy handling in par-ticular, the volume of data that can be processed, and speed. DASCOM Europe GmbH feels that potential purchasers of the new printers will be mainly in the retail trade and in the medical field, for use by doctors.

DASCOM Europe GmbH is renowned for reliable flatbed printing technology and innovative solu-tions in the field of specialised printers. With its expanded range of products it underpins its leading market position and strong role as manufacturer of needle printers. Increasing the product portfolio is thus the first objective proclaimed upon the re-establishment of the European headquarters, which has now been successfully achieved.


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