The Landrush Period of co-domains ends 13th July

Is .co the new .com?
Co-Domains: Second Chance, if you have not got your .com (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) The 13th of a month is in many cultures said to be an unlucky date. This is perhaps true for the 13th July 2010, if you should belong to those companies, which have missed to register co-domains at the Landrush Period.

The Landrush Period of co-domains has started 21st June 2010.

The Landrush Period lasts till 13th July 2010. Applications after 21th June are not worthless, as there is no allocation "first comes-first served".

All Domains will be allotted only after the Landrush period. If there is only one applicant for a particular Domain, it will be awarded to the applicant immediately after Landrush. If there are multiple applications for a Domain Name, ownership will be resolved through an auction.

The co-domains are in the origin the Internet country code top-level domain
(ccTLD) for Colombia, but you can use them like com-domains.

Around the year 2000 when many country-code domains were being remarketed as worldwide generic domains, there was some talk of allowing second-level registrations in co-domains for registrants worldwide in order to capitalize on its similarity to the acronym for the word "company" and as a shortened version of other country-codes as. However, the Colombian Council of State prohibited Universidad de los Andes from doing so, and registration remains limited to third-level domains and to Colombian registrants.

On August 13, 2009, via a public procurement process, the Colombian Ministry of Communications conceded the promotion, administration, and technical operation of the co-domains for a period of 10 years to a new organization.

The new management of co-domains has introduced co-domains at the second level and starts with an Sunrise Period between April and June 2010.

The co-domain is the new domain extension that offers you more choice in branding your online presence with a truly global, recognizable, and credible domain name. It is the online space where people can fulfill their dreams and the world’s next great enterprises will have a home.

These days, branding your online presence is more important than ever before. Whether you run a start-up in your basement, a personal blog in your spare time or a multi-billion-dollar corporation – you need a credible domain name that tells people who you are and what you’re all about.

Associated globally with the words “COmpany,” “COrporation” and “COmmerce”
– the co-domains domain is easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use. And that makes it the perfect platform for today’s socially networked individuals and entrepreneurs to create communities, share content, and to connect, communicate and collaborate online.

The Key Benefits of co-domains
- co-domain is a truly global, recognizable and credible domain
- co-domain gives businesses and brands the chance to create a worldwide footprint
- co-domain is relevant to individuals, businesses and organizations
- co-domain is meaningful, memorable and intuitive to use for people around the world
- co-domain appeals to today’s socially-networked individuals and entrepreneurs

If you have not been successfull at .com, you take a co-domain.

With new liberalized policies in place, the Landrush Period allows companies to apply for the co-domains domain names corresponding with their trademarks, business names and product names before the registration of domain names under the co-domains TLD is open to the public at large during the General Availibilty. With industry-leading technology, enhanced security and unprecedented rights protection mechanisms – co-domains is poised to become the world’s next premier web address.

New co-domains Registry Policies

- Any person or entity in the world can register co-domains domains
- There are no domicile or burdensome documentation requirements
- The registration period is between 1 and 5 years, subject to renewal
- You can easily transfer your domain names

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