Rapid printing and delivery at the Barth logistics group: DASCOM serial matrix printers ensure operations run smoothly

TallyGenicom T6218 line printer (PresseBox) (Ulm, ) The task: a quiet, highperformance printer

To prevent the printer that is constantly in operation from increasing the noise level within the openplan office even further, it was equipped with an acoustic enclosure. Originally, this hood had to be opened each time to remove the printouts and the continuous form paper carefully torn off along the perforations on the back of the printer. "This situation was simply unsatisfactory, as well as time consuming," said Karl-Heinz Daikeler. "From our many years of experience, we know that DASCOM is a partner who also finds solutions for unusual requirements." Thus Daikeler sought advice from a special sales partner in southern Germany in the summer of 2002. Together with the manufacturer of the acoustic enclosure, the Lehmann company in Eislingen, it was possible to quickly find a solution for this very special situation too.

Optimal solution thanks to shared competencies

Lehmann developed an acoustic enclosure specifically for Barth, offering several advantages at once. Instead of the previous solution comprising the individual printer table, printer and enclosure elements, a cohesive unit also featuring space for the paper supplies at the bottom now stands in the scheduling department. The additional paper cutting device on the printer means forms are now cut automatically at the end of each operation and no longer need to be torn manually. The enclosure itself has an angled slit at the front through which the transport documents automatically drop into a specifically fitted intray. Staff can now simply collect the forms there and process them.

Nagel foodstuff logistics specialist trusts the DASCOM line printer

With its 3,500 lorries in daily operation, the Nagel Group whose head office is in Versmold in Westphalia, is the most important distributor in the temperaturecontrolled foodstuff logistics industry. The basis for growth in recent years was and still is the operation of the most modern information technology through which the highest level of efficiency and reliability is guaranteed during processing. For this reason, DASCOM products have been used at almost all European Nagel Group locations for the printing of a variety of logistics documentation for many years now. The operational centre of all transports services provided by logistics expert Nagel is the scheduling department where the clients' needs must be responded to extremely flexibly when a 24hour delivery service is offered. "The demands on the printer are particulary high," explains Wolfgang Kreft, Head of IT at the Nagel Group. Following a short test phase in Versmold, the T6218 by DASCOM was selected for use. In addition to the print speed, the crisp print quality of bar codes to ensure good legibility during scanning was also a deciding factor in the decision. Thus the transport documents are also printed on line printers from DASCOM at all new Nagel Group locations.

Large volumes in short periods of time

Take for example the company's largest branch office situated in Borgholzhausen in Westphalia where the daily print volume totals up to 18,000 forms. In the field of logistics, this includes shipping orders, load carrier documents, bills of lading and slips; in the warehouses, it is mainly delivery forms. To cope with this high print volume within the shortest of times, two T6218 printers are located in the "Local Transport" and "Dispatch" areas, one each for incoming and outgoing consolidated cargo; another can also be found in the accounting department. The 6306 is used to print smaller volumes. Given that operations run twentyfour hours a day, seven days a week in this international logistics company, the line printers are in operation for up to ten hours a day. The high volume of forms means regular paper changes are required, hence staff are very impressed with the easy and fast usability.

Convincing print quality.

Wolfgang Kreft is also extremely pleased with the print quality. The newlydeveloped hammer bank in "stored energy" technology means that the text on the logistics documents can be seen optimally through up to three carbon copies. The pageoriented software architecture, two font modes and the "read/right algorithms" also contribute to the excellent print results, with bar codes presented in high definition and legibility for example. The readability offers the optimal conditions for, in particular, processing via an electronic archive or a document management system for example. In this way, no content is lost during scanning of the logistics paperwork.

TallyGenicom T6218 line printer

With up to 1,800 lines per minute and 1,980 pages per hour, the T6218 is among the fastest line matrix printers. The print speed remains constant even when the characters are extremely dense yet noise production remains extremely low. The paper feed is guided precisely by a fourtractor system with steel pins; the paper thickness setting also remains unchanged after lane changes.

Tally T2265+ and T2280+ matrix printers

The T2265+ and T2280+ offer ideal solutions in areas that depend on the reliability and speed of a printer in particular. The highperformance print head featuring 24 pins also guarantees top performance and penetrating power of up to six copies when in permanent use. Its robust and durable construction means the printers also come highly recommended for industrial applications, including production environments. Each month, they provide large print volumes easily and reliably for low page costs.


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