RFID - constantly and throughout the machinery industry implemented

(PresseBox) (Bochum, Deutschland, ) This year 14% of the machinebuilders intend to implement RFID at the machines.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification and provides the wireless identification of goods, semimanufactures or workpieces in the industrial sector.

Last year 15% of the machinebuilders wanted to implement RFID at the machines. So RFID shows a constant implementation during the last two years.

This implementation is taking place with all or almost all of the ten investigated sectors of the machinery industry.

This article is published in the Quest Trend Magazine on http://www.quest-trendmagazine.com/....

The trend to RFID is based on the market survey of Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, with the title "What the machinebuilders want to change in the automation technology 2010". This survey was carried out in January/February and covered scarcely 250 representative machinebuilders. Highlight, table of contents and budget of the study are on http://www.qtm.de/...

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