New Italian Regulation Will Help Electric Vehicle Development, IDC Energy Insights Says

(PresseBox) (Milan, Italy, ) IDC Energy Insights recently released a new report that offers an overview of the main projects underway in Italy involving Electric Vehicles (EV). With the modification published in April 2010 by the Italian Authority (resolution ARG/elt 56/10, available at, it is now possible, in private houses, or in buildings with common areas such as parking spaces, to ask electricity suppliers for more delivery points, with each point equipped with its own smart meter, to specifically charge electric vehicles. The same option is available for businesses' parking areas.

According to Roberta Bigliani, EMEA Research Director for IDC Energy Insights, "Finalization of business models to be adopted is still to come, but what matters at this stage is that new initiatives are taking place and will test solutions in the real world. Italy is only one of the many European countries investing in the development of an EV infrastructure. There are a number of initiatives taking place in Germany, France, the U.K., Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and others. The EU Green Cars Initiative allocated about $7 billion (€5 billion) - $5.56 billion (€4 billion) in loans from the European Investment Bank, and $1.4 billion (€1 billion) for research."

Enel's "emobility Italy"

Enel was the first Italian utility to announce a project testing EVs and charging infrastructure. The company's collaboration with Daimler for the "emobility Italy" project was signed in December 2008, and will be operational in September 2010. With this initiative, about 100 electric cars from Daimler's Smart unit will be circulating on the streets of Rome, Milan, and Pisa. Enel is responsible for developing and setting up over 400 charging stations. Public and private charging points are to be installed starting in July 2010.

Since November 2009, Enel has been recruiting pilot customers for the trial, creating a Web portal for online signup. For the 100 electric vehicles to be dispatched in this project, the collaboration received over 2,000 Internet requests from consumers. This proves that there is willingness among citizens to go in this direction.

A2A's "E-Moving"

In March 2010, A2A finalized its collaboration agreement with the Renault-Nissan Alliance for the joint development of electric mobility projects in Lombardy, northern Italy.

Dubbed "E-Moving," the pilot project started in June 2010 in the cities of Milan and Brescia. The objective is to test the components of the electric mobility model designed in partnership by Renault and A2A. The two cities in the Lombardy region will be fitted with charging infrastructure, with 270 charging points for the mobility of EVs by the end of 2010. Around 150 charging points will be located in public areas, with the remaining to be installed in private houses.

In its report, Deploying Electric Vehicles in Europe: Updates from Italy (Doc# EIRS54S, June 2010), by Roberta Bigliani and Gaia Gallotti, IDC Energy Insights provides a detailed analysis of the two major electric vehicle initiatives taking place in Italy in the coming months and provides a summary of the key discussion points addressed during a roundtable organized by IDC Energy Insights in May 2010. The study concludes with a summary overview of additional European initiatives.

Join the online conversations about this research on the IDC Energy Insights community and read Roberta Bigliani's blog post!


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