New LuxxMasterTM Raman Source

Smaller, More Compact, and Less Expensive than the Previous Model
New LuxxMasterTM Raman Source for Use in Medical Technology, Industrial and Military Applications (PresseBox) (Olching, ) The new generation of Raman sources is four times smaller and 30% less expensive than the previous models.

Designed for OEM applications, the stabilized laser source is well suited for Raman spectroscopy and sensor applications. Using a volume Bragg grating, the laser wavelength is stabilized at an accuracy of 785.0, ±0.5 nm. The wavelength stability is ±5 nm across the operating temperature range from 0°C to 50°C. At the same time, the full width at half maximum is typically reduced to 0.08 nm. The noise level of the laser is <0.25% rms. A supply voltage of 5 V is required for operation.

Further wavelengths (e.g., 532 nm) are also available. The Raman sources has use in medical technology, industrial and military applications.


- USB: With the help of the USB interface, the source can be controlled using a PC
- Optically (FC/APC): Connecting a 105 µm MM fiber, for example, from which a typical output power of 500 mW can be achieved.

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