Fokker Landing Gear B.V. is testing with BINDER

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Binder - Fokker (PresseBox) (Tuttlingen, ) Fokker landing Gear delivers bestinclass Landing Gear systems for helicopters and airplanes all around the world. They deliver exceptional value to customers through tailored designs, optimized development processes, rigorous qualification and certification standards, cutting edge production technologies and MRO capabilities for landing gears. Fokker Landing Gear is the partner of choice of major U.S. and European defense and aerospace companies and of many Air Forces around the world.

For the F-35 Lightning II JSF Fokker Landing Gear is system design responsible for the Arresting Hook of the F35 Conventional Take Off and Landing (CTOL) and the Carrier Version (CV). For the reliability of this arresting hook system Fokker needs to do climate testing. One of the parts of the arresting hook system is the Upswing Damper. It is mounted right under the engine of the F-35. This Upswing Damper adsorbs the energy during the landing from the hook.

At their location in Helmond (NL), Fokker Landing Gear investigates and tests the reliability of this Upswing Damper. They have test- and qualification facilities where technology demonstrators and preliminary- or final design prototypes are tested on strength, fatigue, environmental and endurance test rigs. The testing facility is completed by a drop test rig on which gears can be drop tested up to 22.5 tons with a vertical speed of up to 8 m/s. Fokker was searching for a test chamber with a wide temperature range. According to Sem Cornelissen (Engineering Manager Testing & Test Facilities), 'BINDER is the perfect partner for the job'. The professional look, quality and the short response time made BINDER with its BINDER MKT the best candidate.

The BINDER series MKT has a wide temperature range with a plug and play concept. They are totally reliable and incorporate the latest technologies. The main advantage of this redesigned series is their improved temperature dynamics of 5K/min. during heating and cooling. The outstanding heating and cooling speeds permit even faster temperature changes and more complex test cycles to be performed. The MKT meets all requirements for testing under extreme temperature conditions between -70 ºC (-94 ºF) and 180 ºC (356 ºF).

Both companies valued their cooperation in this program.

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