Accotex® 78210 G Aprons

The benchmark for staple fibre processing
Accotex® 78210 G Aprons (PresseBox) (Münster, ) Oerlikon Textile Components is looking forward to introduce its latest generation apron Accotex® 78210 G which meets the demands of today's high technology ring spinning systems with resultant success in quality, productivity and economics.

Analyses over the last years have shown that approximately 20 % of end breaks at rouge spinning positions are attributable to drafting aprons. This entails the importance of the right apron selection for performance.

The Accotex® 78210 G follows a new concept for spinning aprons. The use of a new polymer blend for the inner liner delivers drastically reduced and consistent friction values. Furthermore the design for the outer jacket is giving better mechanical and chemical characteristics. Therefore an improved running behaviour is achieved which creates better yarn values. Compared to conventional aprons, Accotex® 78210 G is able to keep the quality level constant over an extended period and offers numerous advantages.

Besides less power consumption, lower torque demand and less fibre collection tendency the characteristics of swell resistance and running behaviour have been improved. With reference to the outer jacked the new generation apron offers better compression, longer lifetime and an improved crack resistance. Furthermore better inner liner wear resistance, less inner liner friction and moreover better apron flexibility will be achieved with Accotex® 78210 G.

These benefits have induced the customers to decide for the Accotex® 78210 G and therefore Oerlikon Textile Components is untouched market leader with its high performance apron.

The market demand for the old and no longer startoftheart Accotex® 78210* apron has decreased dramatically which has forced Oerlikon Textile Components to eliminate this variant out of its product portfolio.

Worldwide there are still older ring spinning machines which have not been retrofitted with Texparts® Cradels out of plastic. For this application Oerlikon Textile Components has developed the special apron Accotex® 78210 U which is resistant against these strong requirements.


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