Fast Pyroelectric IR Detectors

Fast Pyrodetectors for Filter Wheel Spectrometers Operate at Up to Several kHz
Fast Pyroelectric IR Detectors (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Fast pyroelectric detectors with modulation frequencies of up to several kHz make it possible to apply conventional filter wheel spectrometers in a very competitively compact form. Unlike multichannel, multicolor detectors, the measurement signals are read out serially using one and the same optical and electronic channel.

The LIE-200 pyroelectric detector in a TO-18 housing (Ø 4.7 mm) contains a JFET as its impedance converter and feedback components, which carry out the current mode operation of the pyroelectric elements in combination with an external operational amplifier. Twentyfive µm thick pyroelectric chips made of lithium tantalate (LiTaO3), covered with a spectrally broadband black coating, permit modulation frequencies of up to several kHz.

The LME-353 detector (TO-39 housing) has an integrated transimpedance amplifier and produces a flat signal response between 10 Hz and 500 Hz at a high voltage sensitivity of > 8,000 V (guaranteed), without any additional external components. Broadband detector windows such as CaF2, BaF2 or Si ARC are recommended.

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