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Manufacturers / More Than Just an Alternative to the Discontinued Red Laser Diodes of Other Manufacturers
CW Laser Diodes   Worldwide Cooperation with Well known Manufacturers (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Due to their applications in massproduced consumer products, such as, for example, CD/DVD players or laser printers, red laser diodes have become very inexpensive.

So, you have incorporated these diodes into your system and now rely on dependable delivery of said products? It can be very frustrating if these components are suddenly discontinued by manufacturers such as Sony, Sanyo, and Opnext/Hitachi without any substitution or are no longer available in Europe.

We offer Alternative Solutions

LASER COMPONENTS works with manufacturing partners who are interested in products that are available in the long term. One of those partners employs three hundred people who manufacture cw laser diodes in the spectral range from 635 nm to 850 nm. They are audited by us on a regular basis and possesses the entire production chain in house - from chip epitaxy to fully automated packaging to a 100% quality control of the laser diodes.

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