All Signs Point to Growth

Optics and Fiber-Optics Production Expanded
All Signs Point to Growth (PresseBox) (Olching, ) .
Assembly of Fiber Optics

Improved delivery times and even greater flexibility were originally the focus of our expansion. The new facilities now also provide us with more space for new equipment, such as additional polishing machines and an innovative inspection and measurement microscope.

New production technology has also played a role; in fact, the first AR coatings of the polished connector end facets have produced excellent results.

Lens Production

Our lens production facility, which opened in 2008, features both fast delivery times and close proximity to the optical coating department. The curvature radii produced span the millimeter to meter range.

The demand for our lenses was much larger than expected; we have, therefore, expanded our facility to more than twice its original size. With an additional polishing machine and an additional precision interferometer, our manufacturing capacity has been significantly increased.

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