Lines with Homogeneous Distribution of Intensity

1 x 81 DOE Spot Elements Used to Generate Lines
Lines with Homogeneous Distribution of Intensity (PresseBox) (Olching, ) If you require a line with a homogeneous distribution of intensity, then you can count on a diffractive optical element. Our partner HoloOR has included a new standard element in its program; this element features a high transmission rate and an excellent diffractive efficiency. Two 1 x 81 spot elements were developed with a 10° and 25° fan angle for the wavelength 532 nm. This results in a separation angle between each of the two adjacent beams of 0.12° and 0.25°. These elements are available both for other wavelengths and in other materials, such as, for example, sapphire. The separation angles vary depending on the wavelength.

Properties and Applications

Overlapping individual spots guarantee the generation of a homogeneous line. This line is not position sensitive, but is tolerant regarding the quality of the input beam. For example, a 2 x 80 mm line can be produced with a 2 mm input beam at a working distance of about 230 mm.

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