Home cinema in Cinemascope®: SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH presents a new high-end anamorphic lens

(PresseBox) (Bad Kreuznach, ) Schneider-Kreuznach has expanded its range of anamorphic lenses for home cinema. With the new CDA 1.33x MF Première lens, the increasingly popular Cinemascope® image format (2.35:1) can now be displayed without distortion using any high-end 16:9 home cinema projector. The Première anamorphic lens enables full HD resolution, even in Cinemascope® format, and completely eliminates “letterboxing”, i.e. the black bars that appear above and below the image.

Thanks to MF Première’s multilayer antireflection coating, colors appear more vibrant and the image is transported from the projector to your screen without loss or distortion. MF Première stands for state-of-the-art Cinemascope® home cinema. Schneider-Kreuznach cinema lenses are world renowned for their highly efficient light transmission, faithful color rendition, and superior definition.

The CDA 1.33x MF Première anamorphous lens is suitable for all large DLP, LCD, LCOS, and D-ILA projectors with a chip diameter of up to 2.3 inches (5.84 cm). Four high-quality cylindrical glass lenses arranged in two groups ensure a transmission of over 96.5 percent.


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