Solitec® MS 501 ladle and tool coatings

Handling components which conduct melt
practical application of SOLITEC® MS 501 (PresseBox) (Hilden, ) Extending the service life of components which conduct melt with the aid of a low-emissions water-based coating was the aim of Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest GmbH when developing SOLITEC® MS 501.

Designed as a thermoflexible water-based coating in slurry form, SOLITEC® MS 501 prevents slag from sticking to melt-conducting components such as ladles, chutes and tools. The coating’s good brush-on properties and a special binding agent system ensure simple and targeted application in the process, as well as good adhesion and high resistance against abrasion of the dried coating film (see Fig.).

Whereas standard blackings lead to high gas and smoke emissions and deterioration in casting quality when used in the melting process as a result of their sulfur content of up to 0.3%, SOLITEC® MS 501 prevents contamination of the melt due to minimal sulfur content of only 0.05%, thereby enhancing the quality of casting production.

As well as the qualitative aspects, there are also economic reasons for using this hybrid coating. By means of targeted use and application by brush, consumption and thus costs are substantially reduced. As an integral component of the casting process, SOLITEC® MS 501 increases the efficiency of the molding shop and thus the entire foundry operation.

The coating was designed in the Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest research and technology center (technical school and service center). By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and by engaging in a dialog with the customer, the research team develops new products and applications which are as innovative as they are efficient.


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