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Fastrax IT520 enables high performance navigation
IT-520 from Fastrax (PresseBox) (Quickborn, ) Texim Europe recently introduced the IT520 GPS module from Fastrax. This module enables high performance navigation in the most demanding applications and solid fix even in harsh GPS environments. The IT520 module has same performance specs as the highly popular IT500, but is 50% smaller than the IT500.

Market leading cold start sensitivity of -148dBm makes it possible to acquire satellite signals and start navigating in places where competing modules do not get even the first fix. The Fastrax IT520 has a market leading navigation sensitivity of -165dBm. This makes it possible to continue navigation in extremely difficult environments, such as indoors or urban canyons, where competing receivers have to give up. The fix rate of the IT520 is configurable up to 10Hz by user command.

Thanks to its small size and low power consumption, this GPS module is ideal for small-size battery operated consumer products. The Fastrax IT520U has a built-in high speed USB 2.0 interface which can be used to interface host devices. The internal high-efficiency switching regulator makes it possible to use Li-Ion battery supply directly without any external regulators.

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