Advancis successfully integrated an interface to the eyecon software by eyevis into their WinGuard Software

eyevis & Winguard (PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) The integration leads to many advantages for the user. With WinGuard you are now able to use earlier defined presets in the eyecon software. Presets are individually set arrays of DVI sources on the wall.

In WinGuard there is an interface with a single point of data, it is called "supervisor". In the projecting you can create buttons that can send control commands to a database.

To put it in a nutshell this means that the WinGuard software is able to display DVI inputs on the wall directly out of WinGuard manually or automatically (videomanager, further screens etc.). This is especially interesting for solutions like Layout Manager and Log-Files.

A practical example:

Multiple operators share an eyevis large screen system. Each of the operators is responsible for different locations or tasks. At an incident that is relevant for user 1, the client automatically sends a preset tot he wall, on this preset contains the specific information that have been set for user 1.

Beneath displaying presets WinGuard is now able to send the displayed information in coloured boxes. This function can be compared to the functionality of a digital notification display.

This becomes clear regarding the following example:

In the case of an alarm the displayed content can be shown with a coloured overlay that contains the name of the concerned area.


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