Fibre Channel and iSCSI in the same RAID system

EUROstor brings hybrid RAID systems to the market, offering replication and thin provisioning
(PresseBox) (Filderstadt, ) With a new series of ES-8200D and ES-8300D RAID systems, EUROstor now offers dual controller RAID systems which can be connected to Fibre Channel and iSCSI hosts at the same time.

These systems can thus be integrated into mixed topology Storage Area Networks (SAN), where 8 Gbit Fibre Channel technology is used for servers which need very high i/o throughput - e.g. for database applications. And at the same time systems for which a 1 Gbit iSCSI connection is sufficient, or that have to be connected to the RAID over long network distance, can be provided with storage capacity at low connectivity cost.

The new RAID systems can be delivered both as single controller and as dual active/active controller versions, and each controller is equipped with four 8 Gbit FC and two 1 Gbit iSCSI host channels. The hard disks can be either 16 3.5" disks (on 3 U, ES-8200D) or 24 2.5" disks (on 2 U, ES-8300D). SATA, SAS and SSD disks can be mixed in the same system.
With JBODs the RAIDs are expandable up to 112 or 144 disks.
PowerSave technology allows that disks that are not being addressed for a defined time can be set to a power saving mode, which can considerably reduce operating costs of the RAID systems.

Furthermore the new RAID systems offer a series of useful virtualization features: Without any additional software or license fees up to 32 snapshots can be defined per volume and up to 32 local replication pairs (volume copies). With an optional license the number of snapshots and volume copies can be increased. Also synchronous or asynchronous replication to a second system is available, and with an optional thin provisioning license, each client can get maximum of virtual storage capacity, that will only be physically added on-the-fly when required.

Like all EUROstor RAID systems these new models can be offered with up to 5 years warranty, express-exchange service and on-site service, and, if required, they will be installed at the customer's site.

"More and more customers also want mid-range systems to offer high-end features like data replication to a second site." says Franz Bochtler, President of EUROstor.
"With the new hybrid systems, for example, our customers can replicate data from a high performant Fibre Channel RAID via iSCSI to a remote backup system, or also synchronous via FC to a system in the same building. Thus high data availability can be achieved at low cost."

The price, e.g. for a ES-8200D dual controller hybrid RAID system with 16 x 500 GB Enterprise SATA-II disks, amounts to € 12,721.10 including VAT (€ 10,690.- without VAT).


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