The Next Generation of Hospital IT Offers a Gentle Migration

CompuGroup Medical invests 130 million euros in the healthcare system - part 3
(PresseBox) (Koblenz, ) Hospital IT systems represent the nervous system of our hospitals' patient care. Reliability and maximum availability are basic requirements for these systems. To that end, CompuGroup Medical developed the CGM G3 Systema solution for the hospital sector. This product allows the customers to gradually and reliably transition from generation 2 into the new CGM G3 product line, due to its modular integrated concept.

Within the next five years, CompuGroup Medical AG will invest 130 million euros into the healthcare system, for the development of future-oriented products. A series of 10 articles will provide information about the innovations. The new generation of hospital information systems (HIS) will be introduced in the third part.

Nowadays, hospital IT systems are found in nearly all European hospitals; oftentimes they are systems that are well-established in those facilities. However, their lack of flexibility inhibits further development of patient treatment processes. Switching out an entire system usually requires complex and costly projects and is therefore a major reason why many decision-makers shy away from such a move, even though modern hospital IT solutions can improve patient care and contribute to cost containment.

CompuGroup Medical therefore chose a different approach with CGM G3 Systema and would like to introduce their new software generation to hospitals as a "gentle migration". The modular web architecture, based on the helix framework, enables the simple integration of intelligent modules from CGM G3 Systema into existing second generation products. The major advantages of this concept are:

1. Reduction of "time to market" for product introduction 2. Protection of customers' existing investments 3. Gentle migration of customer installations instead of major "big bang" projects

Taking a look at the CGM G3 Systema functionalities immediately reveals the benefits for hospitals: ergonomic modules facilitate the daily work performed by physicians and the nursing staff. Since they are integrated into a flexible workflow engine, they improve the patient treatment processes, help reduce the duration of hospital stays and ensure complete documentation of all services performed. The hospital physicians will also be able to use the medical decision support in the intermediate term, thanks to the G3 technology: they will be connected to CompuGroup Medical's software-assisted medicine (SAM) platform via the helix framework.

Through the utilization of the latest web technology, CGM G3 Systema can also be offered as SaaS (software as a service) or as a cloud computing solution.


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