Now available: SPEEDLINK® CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse

The specialist in high-quality input devices presents the CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse, one of the first PC mice in the world to feature revolutionary multitouch technology
SL 6345 SWT (PresseBox) (Weertzen, ) Despite omnipresent touchscreens and motion sensors, the mouse remains the most important input device for the PC - yet even 40 years after its invention, there's still room for innovation. SPEEDLINK®, the specialist in high-quality input devices, is filling this gap with one of the world's first PC mice to feature multitouch functions that make it possible to control the PC using intuitive finger gestures.

Browse your photo collection by sliding your finger across the surface, swipe it to scroll through texts, and navigate by making small gestures. Smartphones made finger gesture control popular, now it's possible on the PC too - and all without a touchscreen. The new CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse from SPEEDLINK® combines proven optical mouse technology with highly-sensitive sensors integrated into its surface that recognise gestures, using up to two fingers, and translate them into commands. Whether the user wants to perform a double-click, scroll in all four directions or execute a complex macro, the easy-to-use driver software allows customisation of any of the commands. A small movement of the finger is all that's needed to start programmes, copy text or input key sequences.

The CUE gives users total control over their PCs - at the swipe of a finger.

Thanks to its innovative Touch Technology, the CUE doesn't need additional mechanical buttons - and its impressive sleek and stylish design isn't spoilt by cables either as connecting it is taken care of by robust 2.4GHz wireless technology. The CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse is available in four different colours from now on and will cost €39.99 (MSRP).


- Multitouch function for intuitive finger gesture control
- Maximum precision 1000dpi optical sensor
- 8 metre range thanks to 2.4GHz wireless technology
- Compact nano receiver
- Easy installation thanks to auto Smartlink connection
- Long battery life thanks to power-saving mode and On/Off switch
- Timelessly stylish design
- Suitable for right or left-handers

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The products in detail:
CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse, Metallic Red - €39.99
CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse, Black - €39.99
CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse, Silver - €39.99
CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse, White - €39.99


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