Improved change management for IBM Rational Statemate Models

PowerDiff 7.2 of Berner & Mattner
PowerDiff 7.2 of Berner & Mattner (PresseBox) (Munich, ) Berner & Mattner's new PowerDiff version 7.2 facilitates the development of complex systems with IBM Rational Statemate. PowerDiff is the only graphical diff tool for IBM Rational Statemate models and ensures model consistency as well as traceability of changes during the system's entire life cycle. The new version provides users of the defence, aeronautics and automotive industries with a completely redesigned user interface and extended functions. By simply pressing a key, clearly structured change reports can be generated as PDF document.

PowerDiff version 7.2 by Berner & Mattner offers a large number of new features for an improved and more efficient change management for IBM Rational Statemate models. PowerDiff 7.2 users benefit from a quicker analysis of IBM Rational Statemate model changes and can thus optimize their configuration management. The tool ensures better traceability of changes and provides seamless documentation and precise validation. Bookmarks and additional links in the PDF reports are guiding the user directly to the change descriptions.

More comfortable user interface

The graphical user interface, implemented as Multiple Document Interface (MDI), has been completely redesigned to enhance the usability for the developer of IBM Rational Statemate charts. Acting as interactive control center, the ChartListEditor provides access to all functionalities via the optimized menu structure and additional dialog buttons. The MDI now enables users to open multiple chart comparisons simultaneously, each with its individual settings to be displayed side by side.

New menu structure

The menu structure has also been optimized. Each dialog is now accessible by its specific menu item, reducing the number of user actions required to access the functionalities. Tooltips with short explanations are provided to support intuitive usage. In the graphical user interface, the data layout in table format has clearly been improved. With a special navigation in large truth tables or long text passages, the user is quickly guided to the relevant changes.

Enhanced algorithms and formats

In order to highlight differences in long text passages in a clear and detailed way, a more powerful text diff algorithm comes into play. With this, a verbatim text diff is provided in the graphical user interface as well as in the generated PDF report. Via selectable options, irrelevant differences in fonts and spaces can be masked out. With just one mouse click, the chart graphics can be exported as a file to an EMF or PNG format for further processing. In the new version, the installation of the Adobe SVG Viewer is no longer required.

Extended analysis options

PowerDiff 7.2 offers a flexible selection of comparison criteria, such as "short description", "long description" or "attributes", thus facilitating the composition of IBM Rational Statemate model hierarchies with manifold import, export and editing functions. PowerDiffFlow allows to list changes in source/sink references of data streams by means of reports analyzing the Statemate action language used in the model.


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