Philips Business Center OLED Lighting starts collaboration with camLine

(PresseBox) (Petershausen, ) Philips Business Center OLED Lighting has started collaboration with camLine Datensysteme GmbH to develop a data management system for mass production of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). camLine realizes essential quality manufacturing software solutions to ensure productivity, process traceability, and process security. Those factors are vital for product long life guarantees. In addition they allow for continuous technological improvements. Philips has chosen camLine as their software partner because of the modular design of the LineWorks product suite which supports the required flexibility, remote operability and individual reporting composability for end-users. camLine also has demonstrated relevant know-how in equipment integration as well as with its available remote support services.

Manufacturing OLEDs in large quantities for a mass market entry requires a more flexible infrastructure than the production of prototypes. This infrastructure needs to be supported by high quality software solutions for volume manufacturing, capable of growing with size and requirements. For Philips, the leader in innovation in the lighting market, delivering products in the best quality possible is a key factor for its success. By applying ISO 9001 standards Philips guarantees its customers complete traceability of their products ranging from small batch orders up to high volume production.

Philips Business Center OLED lighting currently addresses with its Lumiblade modules and panels designer and luminaire producers. Lumiblades are a highly adaptable material that removes the boundaries of shape and size associated with conventional lighting. Harmonic large area light output, extremely flat nature, low heat emission and high degree of controllability are only some features of this new light source. Those features will open up endless opportunities to create groundbreaking new lighting concepts. And change the way consumers will experience light in general.

About Philips Business Center OLED Lighting

Philips started researching OLEDs back in 1991, as part of its development of OLED display screens. The company began specifically focusing on OLED lighting applications in 2004. Today, Philips Lighting is a leader in the industrialization and commercialization of OLED lighting technology, with its Lumiblade family of products ( Currently the Business Center OLED Lighting, located in Aachen (Germany), employees over 80 people.


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