IBS Coatings: Additional Coating Process Now Available

Production Facility Expanded - New Coater with Advanced Technology
IBS Coatings - Additional Coating Process Now Available (PresseBox) (Olching, ) LASER COMPONENTS now offers an additional coating technology: IBS coatings.

High-Quality Coatings - Ion beam sputtering (IBS) is used in particularly difficult coatings. With this process, the desired layer thickness can be produced very precisely and with a high reproducibility.

Another advantage of this process is that it produces very smooth and thus optically homogeneous layers as a result of the high kinetic energy obtained during layer deposition. The deposition rate, which is significantly lower than the rate of other methods, yields drift-free layers.

New Products - Our customers will benefit from the expansion of our optics production facility in many respects: In the future, they will not only be able to choose "their perfect coating" from all common coating technologies, but new products will find their way into our portfolio as well. This will include very steep filter coatings for high-power applications and low-dispersion coatings with reflection coefficients of R > 99.99%.

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