YO! Sushi restaurants choose POSLIGNE® EPoS' stylish & colourful curves

Odyssé Pack in a London YO! Sushi restaurants (Photo: AURES) (PresseBox) (Lisses (France) & Fürstenfeldbruck (Germany), ) YO! Sushi restaurants, some of the trendiest Japanese food specialists and Sushi restaurants to introduce conveyor belt serving in the UK, have chosen to equip their till and cash desk areas with the AURES Group's stylish and colourful POSLIGNE® Odyssé EPoS terminals, together with their matching receipt printers (the ODP 200).

At this stage, 11 restaurants have been already equipped and more will follow in a near future.

"The modular "Clip'n Color" concept developed by the AURES Group for their Odyssé EPoS systems ideally matches what YO! Sushi are about as we are fast, fun and fresh" commented Mr Billy WATERS, the Chain's IT Manager.

"We were really delighted that AURES UK could offer a reliable point of sale IT terminal with a great fresh new design, together with exclusive dynamic colours (pearl white for the base and tonic orange for the clips); these colours and soft lines ideally match the style of our restaurants and perfectly complement our brand image and identity." he added.

"And this is a perfect colourful palette to complement the 8 colours of dishes that zig-zag around our restaurants every day. Each colour denotes the price of a particular dish on our menu and there are over 80 dishes to choose from." he concluded.

"AURES' hardware's reliable technologies, together with POSLIGNE's user friendly ergonomic designs, are in complete sync with YO! Sushi's needs" explained Mr David WOODS, Head of the AURES Group in the United Kingdom.

The Odyssé EPoS terminals were supplied to YO! Sushi through Clarity Commerce Solutions with whom AURES has a long-standing partnership.

About YO! Sushi Founded in 1997, YO! Sushi brought the concept of a Japanese 'kaiten' sushi bar that delivered food to customers via a conveyor belt* travelling 8cm per second and became the original and most famous sushi label in the UK.

The YO! Sushi brand is now one of the most famous in the world, with 54 restaurants in 5 countries and 41 in the UK and 13 franchised overseas in Ireland, Russia, and the Middle East and over 3.5 million customers served each year.


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