Coop-domains as a free Christmas Present

Coop-Domains: Merry Christmas with a free gift (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) You can present a coop-domain (1 year) as christmas present for free. The service is free for the giver and recipient.

The recipient will not know, that you have not paid for this service.

These are the conditions:

1.The recipient must be eligible for .coop domains as defined by the .Coop Charter in the dotCoop contract with ICANN (July 2007).

2.The recipient must have no .coop domains currently registered with any .coop accredited Registrar.

3.Only one 1-year registration from an eligible registrant may qualify for the discount. The registrant may register other domains at the same time, but they will be charged the standard price for any other .coop domains. Renewals and transfers are not eligible for the offer.

You get special conditions, if you register a coop-domain containing "2012". This is to allow those eligible for a .coop domain to register domains in celebration of the UN International Year of the Cooperative in 2012 or registering a coop-domain for special events in 2012 concerning the cooperative or cooperative movement. A three-year registration is needed because cooperatives will be preparing for the celebration in 2011, actively using their sites in 2012 and will be reviewing activities during 2013. If desired, cooperatives could renew their 2012 domains after the initial 3-year registration at the normal renewal rates.

A coop-domain containing 2012 can be registered at these alternative choices:
a. 60 US-Dollars/3 year
b. 297 US-Dollars/3 years and free webspace (100 mb) and free 20 e-mail accounts

This offer does not impact the Free Domain offer. In other words, if you as a registrant has a 2012 .coop domain, you are still eligible for the Free Domain offer for the first non-2012 domain name.

Please refer at your orders to the free coop-offer or the 2012 .coop-offer.

Hans-Peter Oswald


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