TDWI's Technology Poster

TDWI proudly presents its annual technology poster
TDWI's Technology Poster (PresseBox) (Troisdorf, ) Performance dashboards are the new face of BI. They provide a layered interface that conforms to the way users work rather than forcing them to conform to the way BI tools work. They provide a graphical view of the status of key performance indicators so users can see what needs attention with a single glance and then drill into successive layers of information to identify root causes and take action. Like peeling an onion, users can move through successive layers of information in a performance dashboard in a carefully guided and systematic manner.

Learn in this poster, which was designed by Wayne Eckerson, about the "Three Threes" of performance dashboards: Three sets of functionality, three layers of performance information and three types of dashboards to support different requirements.


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