Storage Appliance with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2

With a new release of WSS software EUROstor storage servers become interesting also as HA cluster solution
Storage Appliance with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 (PresseBox) (Filderstadt, ) EUROstor ES-2000WSS servers offer file services and iSCSI volumes in a Windows environment, but also for Linux and UNIX systems, and can easily be managed over the network.

With the new release of the Microsoft software, WSS 2008 R2, that is now implemented on all EUROstor ES-2000WSS systems, these storage systems offer still better services, especially when it comes to building up a failover cluster. In this configuration two storage heads access a shared storage device. If one of them should fail, the other will take over storage management. In combination with e.g. an ES-8200 dual controller Fibre Channel RAID system, a real high availability solution can be set up.

One of the many useful features of Windows Storage Server is Single Instance Storage (SIS), which can dramatically reduce the amount of data on file servers by transparently replacing multiple instances of files with pointers to a single instance.

A big advantage of ES-2000WSS systems over comparable solutions is the unlimited expandability without the need of additional licenses. Other storage systems can easily be attached and the new capacity can be added to the existing volumes.

"Especially for customers in the windows environment it is a big advantage, that these storage systems can be managed with the well-known server user interface." says Franz Bochtler, President of EUROstor. "That these storage servers can additionally be accessed by Linux systems over NFS, makes them interesting also for today's typical mixed server environments."

ES-2000WSS servers are being offered both as storage head and as complete storage with up to 24 internal disks. The latter ones can be equipped with SAS and SATA disks, but also with highly performant Solid State Disks (SSD). A hardware RAID controller supplies maximum i/o-performance also with RAID 6.

Compact systems with 2.5" disks allow for a space-saving use of many spindles, and at the same time they consume much less power, which reduces overall costs of the system.

The price, e.g. for a ES-2000WSS system with 8 x 500 GB Enterprise SATA-II disks, amounts to € 4,629.10 including VAT (€ 3,890.- without VAT).


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