US-Domains for us!

.us for US and by US
US-Domains: Cheap and necessary marketing tool for the U.S. market (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Other countries have relevant web address extensions beyond .com, like .JP for Japan, .DE for Germany or .NL for Netherlands and so do we!

If you, your business, club or group is US-based or doing business in the US, stand out and gain a competitive advantage by using a .US web extension.
Show off your local presence and Welcome Home to .US.

What do you know about us-domains?
US-based enterprises or companies doing business in the US can get a fresh new extension that goes to work for their organization immediately. US-based clubs, communities, individuals working from their homes, all can secure the best US branded website. That's .US.

Us-domains offer:
o Short, accurate website names - no compromising the website name you really want because it's not available
o Improved search results and rankings by having a more accurate, easier name to find
o Security in an insecure world
o Instant brand reinforcement and audience education
o Creativity.

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