Low-power, wireless displays made possible!

Wireless Pixel Qi display module can be controlled by another device, using new Display Solution AG board solution
PixelQi TFT LC Display in sunlight (PresseBox) (Gilching, Bavaria, Germany and San Bruno, California, USA, ) Have you ever wanted an extra reading screen for your laptop – one that could be plugged in via USB (or wirelessly driven) when you need the extra screen real estate, or need to show someone else screen information? Of course, this extra screen would need to be small & light enough to carry, very low power, offer crisp text for good reading and be readable in any light - even in sunlight.

Today we announce such a solution, the Display Solution d-screen-Qi10. Display Solution AG has developed the d-screen-HYBRID driver board which has been combined with the low power, sunlight readable Pixel Qi 10” screen. This module can be plugged into a laptop (or even some phones) via USB for easy access to a second screen. Even better, you can skip the cables completely and use this second screen via wireless-USB: meaning the data is sent to the screen wirelessly and the screen runs on batteries alone.

The Pixel Qi screen used is an innovative 10.1” TFT Liquid Crystal Display with LED backlight which supports 1024x600 mode and can display 262,144 colors in the transmissive mode. The screen also uses any roomlight or sunlight available to support two low power modes: a transflective mode where the backlight stays and any roomlight adds to the screen brightness, and a pure reflective mode that is black and white (with 64 grayscales) which is bright and clear even in direct sunlight. This technology enables subpixel rendering, standard now with most operating systems, and higher actual (native) resolution (3072x600) for very crisp text.

In order to make the Pixel Qi display technology available for the embedded market and for developers and individual users, Display Solution AG adapted this screen to their latest board generation (d.screen-HYBRID) which supports USB / Wireless-USB (based on DisplayLinkTM technology) as well as Ethernet (10/100Mbit, Gigabit) connected displays. We announce here a sunlight readable USB-connected system solution with a total power consumption of 1.5W, only. All of the power is delivered from USB, no battery or power adaptor is needed.

Norbert Feuchtgruber, CEO of Display Solution AG, said “our working with Pixel Qi screens is enabling an important step forward in low-power systems – and we believe these will find great use in many fields where portable screens are needed.”

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen, CEO and founder of Pixel Qi Corp., said “We are pleased that Display Solution has adopted our low-power, use-anywhere screens in a way that will enable many new applications and device types. This solves a problem that other tablets have not yet addressed.”

Display Solution will start selling the newly designed d-screen-Qi10 in October.


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