The ZUWA Solar Filling Station - 10 Years of Success

Solarfüllstation (PresseBox) (Laufen, ) Ten years ago ZUWA manufactured the first solar collector filling station - and now the company is looking back at 10 years of growing success and happy customers.

When the device was introduced into the market in 2000 there was immediate acceptance and before long the ZUWA station became the best selling unit in Europe and now enjoys a growing demand in the Americas and the rest of the world.

The station is used to fill, flush or vent solar collector loops, precise, clean and fast. A strong pump with glycol resistant impeller is the core of the system. The pump is mounted along with a 30 liter tank and filter to a trolley which makes it handy and maneuverable. Heat resistant hoses make the unit complete.

There is a story behind this success, there always is. 10 years with total focus on the needs of the users and - quality without compromises, made it come true. The number of units sold per year increased from several hundreds in the beginning to many thousands at present, with growing tendency. Installers and solar commissioners especially like the ZUWA pump on the device, providing volume and pressure for a perfect job.

Nowadays the systems is adapted to the requirements in the UK, North America and soon Japan. It is used wherever solar collectors need a precise filling, from Bavaria to New Zealand.


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