target introduces Significant Enhancements to the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) as SAP Add-on

target software solution has mapped the continuous improvement process comprehensively in its new service pack 3.0.
CIP Data Entry (PresseBox) (Walldorf, ) In addition to “spontaneous idea submission,” target’s concept for the systematic structuring of an idea management system includes the fundamental aspect of “guided idea generation.” target has substantially enhanced options for “guided idea generation” in its new service pack 3.0.

In particular, the enhancements cover the data modeling and function modeling of continuous improvement process (CIP).

A company can be broken down into different CIP areas. The CIP teams within a CIP area are the motors driving the improvement process. The moderator of the CIP team determines its members and meetings. Further, it is now possible to set up workshops and topics. Meeting content can be planned and the meeting topics processed. The core of the enhancement is the extremely flexible tabular entry of various types of improvement messages, such as ideas, ideas without solutions, or measures. The degree (percentage) to which measures are completed is documented from meeting to meeting and reflected visually through icons.

In addition to CIP, applied methodology, such as problem finding, structuring, and solving in teams (“PiT Stop”), is also supported by the new component.


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