Sputnik Engineering launches UK branch

(PresseBox) (Biel, ) The Swiss manufacturer of solar inverters will open its new branch office in London on 1st January 2011. Sputnik Engineering continues to grow and its new sales location will place them closer to their customers and enables the company to respond more flexibly to the growing photovoltaic market in the UK. The contact person in London is the Key Account Manager Neil Martin, who already has 16 years of experience in account management.

In the fourth quarter of 2010, Sputnik Engineering had its SolarMax S and SolarMax MT string inverters as well as its SolarMax TS central inverters certified for the UK market. After many years of experience in the solar industry providing facilities for sites from single-family homes to farms and industrial buildings, including plants with outputs measured in megawatts, the Swiss manufacturer's product range now offers the best device for any application in the UK. "The British solar market is still in its early development and we are among its most important players," says Daniel Freudiger, general manager of Sputnik's subsidiary Sputnik Engineering International AG and Head of Sales & Marketing at the company's headquarters in Biel.

Sputnik's references in the UK include many inverters installed in single-family homes which today successfully feed their output into the public grid. But they also include solar plants on farm buildings and industrial roofs - in November, for example, Solarsense UK Ltd. in Glastonbury (Somerset) commissioned the UK's largest privately held solar power plant, fitted with SolarMax inverters.

"Sputnik Engineering is entering the market at just the right time to establish itself in the UK," says Key Account Manager Neil Martin. "Since the introduction of the new remuneration rates in April 2010 the attractiveness of photovoltaic plants in the UK has grown enormously."


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