Telemotive E-Mobility-Study: Automotive electrical system

(PresseBox) (München, ) As part of its electric mobility activities Telemotive AG has published a study on electrical system architectures of electric and hybrid vehicles.
The study provides an overview of the current in series vehicle located data buses (CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay, Ethernet) and describes the growing demands on the electrical system structures that are used in the development of vehicles with alternative drive systems.
Based on the description of the properties and applications of the common bus systems, the study describes the structure of the vehicle electrical system with the necessary linkages to the different bus systems.
On this basis, the specific requirements are analysed on the electrical system structures of electric and hybrid electric drives. Here, special attention is paid to the coordination of internal combustion engine and electric motor and battery management. The study is available in English and French.
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