Saving energy, improving quality

Free-standing luminaires by Zumtobel provide flexible lighting at the workplace
To be positioned as required, boasting excellent lighting quality and energy efficiency: Capa and Opura, the new free-standing luminaires by Zumtobel, cannot fail to impress with an extremely good price-performance ratio. Both free-standing luminaires have also been certified according to the Swiss top-quality MINERGIE® standard (PresseBox) (Dornbirn, ) With Capa and Opura, Zumtobel has upgraded its range of free-standing luminaires with excellent lighting quality and high energy efficiency.

The high efficiency levels, intelligent light distribution and cutting-edge lamp technology of Zumtobel's free-standing luminaires have set new standards, in line with the current trend towards flexible task lighting. Very good luminous efficiency levels as well as intelligent constant light control or presence detectors make the free-standing luminaires the best in class.

Capa and Opura meet all the criteria relevant for modern workstations: from flexible positioning, ergonomic design and a sense of wellbeing through to optimum energy efficiency.

Zumtobel's free-standing luminaires not only feature innovative light sources with excellent energy saving potential but also an advanced, attractive design.

The Opura free-standing luminaire combines state-of-the-art lighting technology with an upmarket appearance. This free-standing luminaire is the first to allow separate control of the indirect and direct components. The designoriented luminaire developed by Peter Andres & ON Industriedesign is available in three different versions: as an LED-only version, as a hybrid model or fitted with compact fluorescent lamps.

Opura LED is particularly impressive with its two separate lighting chambers and maintenancefree light sources. The hybrid free-standing luminaire uses the best of two worlds: the LED to provide direct light, and the TC-L lamp for pleasant ambient lighting. All Opura models feature a high-quality MPO+ micro-prismatic optic, which prevents annoying glare on displays. It is also possible to integrate a daylight-based light control system: the SensControl II control unit reliably and efficiently controls the Opura and Capa Plus free-standing luminaires by means of built-in constant light control and presence detectors, ensuring maximum energy savings.

Opura's design cannot fail to impress with its particularly smooth stylistic idiom. The freestanding luminaire presents itself like made of one piece, with a completely seamless luminaire head and without visible material transitions.

Moreover, the soft-touch control panel allows for maximum convenience. With all these features, Opura was also able to convince the jury of the iF product design award and win the coveted trophy for 2011.

Being one of the most efficient free-standing luminaires available on the market, Capa meets all the criteria for energy-saving luminaires in modern workplaces. Thanks to an installed load reduced by 50 percent using state-of-theart 28 W TC-L lamps, compared to conventional luminaires using 4 × 55 W lamps, Capa Plus and Capa Lite boast excellent power consumption levels. The luminaires' operating efficiency is around 98 percent. Their large direct light component of nearly 30 percent and their luminance-reducing optic (LRO) provide perfect lighting conditions on the desk, without any reflections or glare. Additional indirect reflectors ensure a further increase in efficiency. The ceiling is very uniformly lit thanks to wide-angle indirect light distribution. It is also possible to integrate the SensControl II control unit into Capa Plus. The excellent product features of the Capa free-standing luminaire are concealed by its discreet appearance. Available in white or silver, the luminaire designed by Titus Bernhard Architekten features rounded edges and a slim stand. The front-end piece can be removed for quick, inexpensive maintenance.


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