Shortlink and LFoundry in RF and Mixed-Signal IP Partnership

(PresseBox) (Landshut, ) Shortlink AB (Sweden) and Landshut Silicon Foundry GmbH (Germany) announced a partnership agreement to provide Shortlink low power RF and mixed-signal custom IP in LFoundry’s industry leading LF150 modular 150nm CMOS process technology. The move will enable LFoundry to provide ASIC developer customers with a proven source of low power RF and mixed-signal IP that can be quickly adapted to meet specific application requirements. The Shortlink IP offering will include SRD transceivers, RF receivers and transmitters, PLL, VCO, ADC, DAC and amplifiers.

The two companies have long collaborated on ASIC design and manufacture, with Shortlink currently making use of the modular LF150 (150 nm) process for wireless building security and audio communication projects.

Hans-Erik Backram, Shortlink CEO said, “Demand for low power wireless connectivity and energy harvesting solutions is accelerating fast, ASIC developers though often want to leave the RF and mixed signal side to a trusted third party in order to focus on their own core competences. Our cooperation with LFoundry provides us with a new channel to market that harnesses an industry leading process capable of delivering the outstanding RF and low power performance that’s needed to support cutting edge design.”

Michael Lehnert, LFoundry CEO said, “The partnership with Shortlink will mean our customers can access an even greater source of unique IP, that helps avoid the cost of prolonged in-house development. There’s tremendous synergy between Shortlink’s low power RF and mixed signal design skills and the versatility and performance capabilities of our 150 nm low power CMOS process. This can only enhance energy sensitive product design and further reduce time to market.”

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About Shortlink
ShortLink is a development company specialising in the field of low-power portable electronics and wireless communications. Highly competent in both ASIC and electronic design, Shortlink helps cut the development time of customers’ projects and is able to offer complete system solutions. The company is strongly focused on contract development, in most cases working on a very long-term basis with companies that are market leaders in their respective business areas. Low power consumption has been Shortlink’s hallmark since its formation, the company motto being: ‘Low Power Design’. Shortlink offers facilities for test and measurement services including RF, EMC and acoustic facilities. For more information about Shortlink, visit the company's web site at

About LFoundry
LFoundry is the customer-specific manufacturer of choice for analog, mixed-signal and specialized technologies. LFoundry provides foundry access to 200mm capacity of more than 30,000 wafer starts per month with its two European manufacturing sites. The company’s technology offerings are based on advanced CMOS process technologies at 0.15-micron and below with innovative technology extensions and a large variety of IP blocks. LFoundry is the only dedicated foundry to provide “Sicherheit”…reliability, security and protection for customers, their designs and their IP. – “Sicherheit”: There for You, Any Time, Every Time.


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