FORRESTER Webinar: Balancing Business Agility with Technical Debt

(PresseBox) (München, ) According to recent survey data by Forrester Research, Agile methods are now the predominant development approach. Their success is due to their promise of both delivery speed and business value. But agility is more than short term speed. Short term speed can actually reduce long term business agility.

This reduction of agility is illustrated in the simple metaphor of “Technical Debt” which describes how short-term decisions that aid speedy delivery can, over time, end up drastically slowing down your ability to deliver value.

Agility means achieving the right balance between speed today and speed tomorrow.

Hear Dave West, principal analyst at Forrester Research discuss, on January 27th at 5pm (CET), how organizations are striking the right balance between delivering fast yet keeping their Technical Debt down so that they can remain truly agile.

Dave will cover the following topics:

- The state of Agile development – drivers and current practices
- The rise of Technical Debt
- The elements necessary to achieve the right balance between speed and Technical Debt
- A checklist for Agile success

Date: Thursday, January 27th at 5:00 pm CET
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