New release with improved AUTOSAR support for model-based testing

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) With MESSINA 2.9, Berner & Mattner updates its test platform for automobile control electronics. Tailored to the AUTOSAR standard, MESSINA creates an individual runtime environment (test RTE) for every software component and thus supports tests of software functionalities during the development process. The latest MESSINA version now enables complex data types, interrunnable variables and CompuScales. Moreover, user-defined mode declaration groups and error codes can be used. These and more functionalities are provided by Berner & Mattner with MESSINA 2.9, the most powerful test platform for AUTOSAR functionalities across the entire industry.

With MESSINA 2.9, Berner & Mattner launches an AUTOSAR-tailored test platform for hardware-independent ECU verification. Early verification allows MESSINA users to improve the quality of their AUTOSAR software components and to integrate further AUTOSAR features, thus corresponding to the increasing significance of the AUTOSAR standard for OEMs and suppliers.

MESSINA 2.9 makes handling of AUTOSAR easier

On the basis of AUTOSAR XML, MESSINA creates an individual test runtime environment (single-sided RTE) for every software component. In this way, MESSINA provides the AUTOSAR ports of the software components to be tested for the test environment. The runnables are executed correctly with the MESSINA runtime system; via a virtual function bus, the test platform displays the communication of sender/receiver ports as well as client/server ports. Data elements can be set from the test script and calls for client/server operations can be initiated and tested. RTE modes and status can be used in the real-time test environment for test descriptions in Java syntax.

For the first time, the new version 2.9 supports complex data types, interrunnable variables and CompuScales. The user can also define individual mode declaration groups and get outputs of error codes he has specified himself.

"With the new version 2.9 of MESSINA, we offer the currently most powerful test platform for AUTOSAR components. The crucial advantage in modern, distributed development projects is that developers can efficiently test and validate AUTOSAR software components at an early stage of development", describes Jürgen Meyer, Head of Automotive Division at Berner & Mattner, the advantages of the new MESSINA version.


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