Xpert-Timer - Time Tracking on your Android Smartphone

Xpert-Timer is a standalone application for Android smartphones and does not require an internet connection
Main Dialog (PresseBox) (Stadtbergen, ) Today's busy professionals require an app to accurately track time and bill clients. From freelancers to lawyers and contractors, users of Xpert-Timer Mobile can track hours for projects and clients.

In order to use the software, no internet connection is required. So no matter where you are or what you do, Xpert-Timer is always available. Organize and manage the time you spend on various projects and print reports to bill your clients accurately.

Keeping track of all project times allows you to take immediate action when your project time or cost gets out of hand. You can easily identify your time wasters and optimize your workflow.

The easy to understand user interface in combination with the good manual makes it a great tool to work with. Mobile time tracking made easy!

A synchronisation tool between the desktop version "Xpert-Timer PRO" and the mobile version "Xpert-Timer MOBILE" will be available around March 2011. Xpert-Timer PRO offers multiple extra functions.

Visit the producers website for further details: http://www.xperttimermobile.com


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