The GEZE TS 5000 ECline - a flexible all-rounder with barrier-free benefits

Consistently optimizing the efficiency of the overall system
The new GEZE TS 5000 ECline door closer (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) The demands made on door closing technology are continually becoming greater and more diverse: The new barrier-free standards consistently demand easier opening forces. In the event of fire, secure closing must happen to offer protection and save lives. Obviously a door closer must be protected from intentional damage as well as having a low maintenance requirement whilst fitting into the design concept of a building.

The TS 5000 ECline from GEZE is an all-rounder of this type. It not only fulfils the requirements listed above, but you can also select whether you wish to focus on easier opening with the ECline technology, or whether using the same closer, you require the implementation of more rigorous closing behaviour thanks to the Safety Close technology. This is necessary, for example, when differential pressures exist or for external doors. All this is available from the TS 5000 ECline with no additional maintenance or installation requirements.

The TS 5000 ECline is the ideal system solution for barrier-free construction. By consistently optimizing the efficiency of the overall system, the door closer achieves the high EN5 closing force whilst fulfilling the requirements as set out in the new DIN 18040 standard "barrier-free construction" with regard to the maximum of 47 Nanometre (Nm) opening torque. Therefore, doors with a leaf width up to 1,250 millimetres can be easily equipped barrier-free. The officially measured efficiency of the TS 5000 ECline clearly exceeds 80% meaning that almost all force expended in opening the door is re-used as closing force. In the range of a 2° to 60° door opening angle range, the new ECmove guide rail enables a considerable drop in opening torque in accordance with the recommendations of DIN SPEC 1104 from about 40%. The result is easier opening and increased access convenience. According to use, the force supporting the door opening can be set variably and can also be deactivated when required, for example with doors whose opening is further accelerated due to wind load. The additional natural opening damping at door opening angles of 70° and more protects the door from being thrown open and, hence, prevents damage. Compared to standard door closer systems TS 5000 ECline requires no higher installation and service effort. The opening support is delivered pre-mounted and preset.


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