Glass clamping plate for interior glass sliding doors up to 80 kilograms

New Manual Sliding Door Accessories
Glass clamping plate 80 with clip cover, roller carriage and track rail for glass sliding doors (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) The new glass clamping plate with significantly reduced dimensions has been developed for all manual sliding fitting systems from GEZE. It offers a minimum installation height and maximum application options. Doors of up to 80 kg are securely clamped without glass work or glue. Thanks to the construction height of just 30 millimetres the glass clamping plate is invisible when installed in a standard wall pocket frame. The length of just 110 millimetres enables versatile use for almost all door widths.

It can be used in conjunction with the GEZE manual sliding door systems Rollan 40N/80 and Perlan SoftStop, as well as with Perlan AUT/Perlan AUT-NT. When used with Perlan AUT/Perlan AUT-NT, the glass clamping plate is concealed under the clip cover 100 thus creating a complete system for automated glass doors. The simple mounting via clamping jaws makes all glass work superfluous. All common glass types can be covered: toughened safety glass 8, 10 or 12 millimetres as well as laminated safety glass up to 10,7 millimetres with a laminated safety glass accessory kit. GEZE offers a complete range of cover profiles and face side covers (in EV1 or stainless steel colours) to be used in the visible area. Individual design options are made available thanks to the covering of individual plates or the complete covering across both plates.


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