Energy efficiency and aesthetics combined perfectly in a new automatic door system as an integrated all-glass system
The new automatic GEZE Slimdrive SL NT IGG NT door system as an integrated all-glass system (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) Energy efficiency and the avoidance of heat loss are trend-setting in door technology as well. The trick is to combine future-oriented technology with the fulfillment of high aesthetic demands - in particular, when it comes to the use of elegant automatic door systems made from all-glass systems.

GEZE has achieved this with the innovative Slimdrive SL NT IGG NT sliding door system. It is a real enhancement, particularly for glass façades that have large and heavy door leaves to move with the lowest possible expenditure of energy. The sliding door system achieves this by means of an innovative development of the integrated all-glass system. An invisible frame made of fibreglass reinforced plastic installed invisibly between two flush panes enables the thermal separation of the specific IGG elements. With a standard leaf thickness of just 39 millimetres, the Slimdrive SL NT IGG NT not only offers energy-efficient technology, but also an aesthetically pleasing and slim appearance. Even the door drive maintains the look. Seamless transition of the IGG elements offer a full glass look with minimal façade breaks. With the very low operator height of just seven centimetres, the Slimdrive SL NT can be integrated into façades in such a way that it is practically invisible.

The floor seal can be lowered with a closing edge trigger enabling an energy saving closed position. As a result, a floor guide is not required so that retrofitting in existing building is made much easier. Optimized sealings improve the tightness properties of the IGG elements. Slimdrive SL NT IGG NT can be carried out with various glass types using a variety of standard coatings. The system moves single-leaf systems with door leaf weights up to 125 kg and opening widths of up 1,600 millimetres and double-leaf systems with opening widths of up 3,000 millimetres. Project specific solutions realized in the GEZE technology centre are offered as well.


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