GEZE Patch Fittings - Easy to mount and versatile

The patch fitting system for all glass doors
All-glass single action door with GEZE Patch Fittings, installation situation (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) The comprehensive range of GEZE patch fittings, or clamping fitting systems for glass doors is so versatile that almost all standard interior and exterior all-glass systems can be implemented. The design is timeless and subtle. Patch fittings are suitable for swing doors as well as fixed dividing walls and wall cladding.

Patch fittings allow technically perfect and optically attractive solutions for single- and double-leaf door all-glass systems with differently arranged fanlights and fixed leafs. The number of combinations is almost unlimited and can be adapted to provide an ideal match to the requirements of the user. Post-free construction enables full transparency. Matching lock variants produce a seamless, uniform design. All visible fitting elements are made from anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

The patches have a modular structure and are made up of base plates, functional kits and covers which can be clipped on. The installation of the fittings is straight-forward can be done very quickly. The required glass cut-outs and holes can be implemented simply and quickly and correspond to the standard. Patch fittings are available for use with the usual glass thicknesses of 8 - 12 millimetres. They can handle door leaf weights of up to a maximum of 100 kg, a maximum leaf width of 1,000 millimetres and a maximum height of 2,800 millimetres.


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