GEZE escape route security for full panic doors with fire protection function

System components for securing double leaf doors
The GEZE self-locking panic lock IQ Lock AUT (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) GEZE is repeatedly producing new answers to the ever-growing demand for security which is seen in all walks of life and thus in building technology, too. In buildings with double-leaf doors, which in many cases are used as escape route and fire-cell doors as well, safety in case of danger is that much more significant. For one thing, those trying to escape must be able to pass through the doorway as fast as possible, and then it must be ensured that the leaves of the door - in compliance with fire protection guidelines - are reclosed and locked. On top of this is the necessity for "insurance-compliant locking" - because there is only full insurance protection when the doors are "properly" locked. Fast opening in emergency and controlled access are the strengths of self-locking panic locks. With the IQ Lock AUT, GEZE introduces a new multifunctional system solution for double leaf doors with automated door leaves on both sides.

The GEZE IQ Lock AUT self-locking panic lock for double-leaf doors Automated on both sides, with a self-locking function

The IQ Lock AUT is a further development of the IQ Lock EL DL for double leaf full panic doors. The product name IQ Lock AUT itself already expresses the innovative characteristics of this additional version: active and stationary leaves are now both automated - unlike the IQ Lock EL DL version in which the stationary leaf or the strike box is equipped with a mechanical release. In the "RWA" case (smoke and heat extraction), the automatic opening and unlocking of both door leaves by the IQ Lock AUT guarantees reliable smoke extraction and convenient passing using both door leaves in automatic operation. Locking can also conveniently be carried out remotely. In a fire door, the intelligent IQ Lock AUT control also ensures secure locking, even when the function "permanently open" has been selected.

The automated unlocking of the strike box with the bar locking makes the system extremely flexible: it makes it possible to connect the IQ Lock AUT to an automatic swing door drive such as the GEZE Slimdrive EMD-IS with integral closing sequence control or smoke and heat extractor (RWA). After automatic triggering, e.g. by a smoke alarm, RWAs remove combustion smoke efficiently from the building. In an emergency both door leaves can be mechanically unlocked at the same time over the door fittings by pressing the panic bar. Directly after using the door in an emergency, the mechanical self-locking becomes activated which closes the door and relocks it securely and very fast. The 20 millimeter deep lift of the bar locking serves additionally as protection against break-in or other uninvited guests. With the insurance-compliant locking of both door leaves, the IQ Lock AUT is also the right choice in the event of liability questions. The "continuously open" function as continuous unlocking guarantees convenient passage via both leaves in automatic operation.

Thanks to the intelligent modular design, the IQ Lock AUT can be matched reliably and quickly to either tubular frames or to full-leaf doors. A matching range of accessories ensures that installation is quick. In existing doors the IQ Lock EL DL version can conveniently be converted into an IQ Lock AUT with the addition of a kit.

The IQ Locks by GEZE: for everything a door has to be able to do

The whole range of requirements of a door can be fulfilled by the different versions of the GEZE IQ Lock family. Starting with the mechanical self-locking and motorized unlocking, the full panic function and the insurance-compliant locking, through automating the door leaves to the connection of an RWA, an escape route or an access control system. On top of that, only a single lock is needed to fulfill the requirements for emergency exit locks as per DIN EN 179 and for panic door locks with horizontal bar action as per DIN 1125.


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