The stand-alone single-door unit GEZE SecuLogic GCDU 100/2

Online connection thanks to virtual networking in a very short time
GEZE SecuLogic GCDU 100/2 single-door unit (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) GEZE presents the new access control system GCDU 100/2 as a single-door solution which works with an authority card or a biometric reader. The offline system without a computer connection can without effort be provided with a virtual connection to a networked online-based access control system. Derived from the GEZE system philosophy of offering complex one-stop product solutions, the new GCDU 100/2 system is the perfect solution for virtual integration of individual non-networked doors via an authorization medium into the new GCMU 524 online access control master unit.

Access control in the escape and rescue route

Flexibility is the strength of the system: offline doors can conveniently be connected to a rescue route system with the GCDU 100/2 single-door unit. For example to the TZ 320 door control unit by GEZE which handles and monitors the opening and closing of escape doors in rescue routes. The door control unit is in this case actuated by the GCDU 100/2 system control unit. The usual key switch of the door control unit is then no longer required as its function is performed by an RFID or a biometric reader to open the door in a controlled manner. The corresponding authorization cards can optionally be programmed on the client-PC of the online access control system.

Data management easier and secure

The operating mode "switch" permits two doors to be controlled with just one reader, for example where there is a hall door, and an entrance gate next to it. The office mode can ensure added convenience here as well. A certain door can for example be opened in the morning with an access card and remain open without special authority until it is closed in the same way at a later time. Access control with the GCDU 100/2 system reduces the number of authorization media and not least management of the access control data, as an access card may include authority for networked, virtually networked and non-networked doors. Encrypted data transmission between reader and the system itself also guarantees improved data security.


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