Electrically operated chain drives GEZE E 920 - E 990

Integrated into the profile for added security
(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) The new electrically operated chain drives series E 920 - E 990 is characterized by a drive integrated into the window profile. None of the parts are visible externally, as the drive- and fitting technology disappears in the profile. This not only optimizes the window design - it keeps out dust and dirt as well. The new drive series can be installed with very little mechanical procedures in a wide range of standard window profiles. In the "RWA" case (smoke and heat extraction) the E 990 version achieves an opening width of 900 millimetres in only 60 seconds. The result is a clear safety bonus. Thanks to its extraordinary aerodynamic efficiency of the window, a correspondingly large quantity of smoke can escape. This enables the system to be used as an NRWG (SHE V) in accordance with EN 12101-2. The entire series of electrically operated chain drives E 920 - E 990 is approved in accordance with DIN EN 12101-2.

Individually adjustable to the ventilation and fire-protection concept

The different stroke lengths of 200, 400, 500, 700 and 900 millimetres make the drive series suitable for flexible use on windows with a wide variety of use requirements. Due to the continuously adjustable drive stroke for ventilation- and RWA mode, all versions can be individually matched to the ventilation conditions and fire protection concept of a building. The high tensile and pressure forces enable large and heavy leaves to be activated. With 1.3 Ampere in the RWA case and 0.7 Ampere in ventilation mode, power consumption is very low. Together with a GEZE RWA emergency power control unit which co-ordinates controls and actuates all fresh air- and exhaust openings, it offers a comprehensive solution with a very attractive price to performance ratio.

Control through the building-control system - true synchronisation

The trend towards building automation is also demonstrated by this new series of chain drives. The E 920 - E 990 drives can be coupled to an external BUS system (e.g. CAN, EIB) by means of a BUS-coupler outside the drive, for example for control from a building-control system. The drive with BUS compatibility with separate interfaces enables a range of variable applications. The drives are equipped with an "integrated synchronization module", enabling synchronisation of up to four drives without external control unit. A further advantage is that cabling and commissioning of large and heavy windows can be carried out quickly and easily as well. Disengaging the drive in a closed position, e.g. in the event of a power failure, is possible from outside without causing any damage by means of a mechanical emergency release. In this way the window can still be opened without damaging it. Adjusting the stroke lengths of all E 920 - E 990 drives is done via a DIP switch. This means that one drive matches different stroke lengths thus enabling quick and efficient reaction on the building site as well as storage and administrative cost reductions.


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