The integrated GEZE E 905 locking drive

Additional safety and protection from the weather
The new integrated chain drives E 920 - E 990 / The drive and fitting technology disappears into the profile (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) The trend has been moving towards larger and larger windows which require, alongside the holding force of the drive in the closed position, an additional locking unit in order to ensure the defined performance as set out in DIN EN 14351-1, in particular, with regard to wind loads, sealing in the event of rain and air tightness. When installing high-quality windows, an additional locking function should thus be possible. This requirement is met by the new integrated E 905 locking drive. This drive also offers additional protection when it comes to unauthorized access to the building.

Also integrated fully into the window profile, this unit is used in combination with the drives of the E 920 - E 990 range to form a system solution which can be used to safely open and lock large windows. Up to four locking points contribute towards the secure locking function. The electronic position recognition prevents the opening of the chain drive as long as the locking drive is still locked. This in turn prevents improper operation of the window and protects it from overloading.

An intelligent cabling concept reduces the installation time. The cable guidance in the window casement and clever details save time. Many a metal constructor is allayed the fear of the electrical installation since all components are connected to each other by means of a prefabricated plug system. The innovative cabling concept ensures a proper and structured appearance at the window casement..


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