The emergency power control unit GEZE THZ Comfort

Added security with the new complete RWA solution for staircases
The new GEZE emergency power control unit THZ Comfort – ideal for staircases (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) Smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) save lives, as they keep emergency escape and rescue routes clear of smoke in the event of fire. After automatic triggering, for example by a smoke detector, they efficiently remove smoke from the building. Doors serve as fresh and exhaust air openings in a building's lower levels, and doors and windows in its upper levels.

Smoke and heat extraction and natural ventilation all in one

Co-ordinated control and actuation of all fresh and exhaust air openings fitted with electric motor drives is made possible by RWA emergency power control units. With RWA, GEZE offers added safety in places where building regulations only require smoke extractors to be installed, such as in the staircases of multiple-occupancy buildings. For reliable smoke extraction in staircase, GEZE offers the THZ emergency power control unit. As a welcome natural side-effect, it can also be used for day-to-day ventilation.

Small and smart - also suitable for narrow staircases

The THZ now has the "Comfort? version added to the range. Attractive and with extremely small dimensions, its space-saving design can be installed within the field of vision even where there is little room in narrow staircases. A particular benefit of the new integrated smoke and heat extraction and ventilation buttons is that they no longer need to be cabled separately. In the event of fire, the smoke and heat extraction button (RWA) can be used to manually trigger the alarm. The ventilation button can also be used to control the natural ventilation function. Both buttons are backlit and thus easier to see and use. In the event of fire, the illumination increases the level of safety. The THZ Comfort enables the connection of a complete smoke removal solution. With a high output current of 3.4 Ampere, it is very powerful and offers greater flexibility in the selection of window drives.

To match every fire protection concept

The central unit is made up of a solid, tough metal housing and is thus ideal for use in staircase areas with public access. Eight smoke and heat extraction buttons (RWA) and ten smoke detectors can be connected to each to provide safety for a large surveillance area. Individual adaptation to on-site conditions is easily possible. Adjustable reactions in case of a power failure such as "Open?, "Shut?, "No response? and the functional reliability of smoke extraction for 72 hours assured by a rechargeable battery make an individual adjustment of the THZ Comfort to the fire protection concept of a building possible. With three floating alarm contacts "Alarm", "Malfunction" and "Windows open?, reporting of the window status is possible regardless of location. A building manager can then react at once in case of a malfunction. Onward transmission of the signal is also possible, e.g. to the building control engineering or to the fire brigade. Wind/rain alarms can be connected directly to the THZ Comfort over a cable length of up to 30 metres. This permits windows to be reliably shut when it is raining or there is a strong wind, and this saves costs in planning.


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