GEZE Slimdrive EMD F-IS/TS - Perfection combined even in the smallest of spaces

Full design with automated door and manual door closer functions for double-leaf swing doors
The new sensor guide rail for the entire Slimdrive EMD drive range and all TSA 160 NT drive variations (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) The Slimdrive EMD drive variations have been specifically designed for access via swing doors, for when opening manually is too difficult or a little strength is needed. Thanks to the very low construction height of 70 millimetres and the guide rail technology, Slimdrive EMD drives are particularly suited to slim door profiles and limited space solutions.

GEZE introduces the new Slimdrive EMD F-IS/TS variation for double-leaf swing door systems: The moving leaf is automated using the Slimdrive EMD-F swing door drive, the fixed leaf is fitted with a manual door closer, for example, one of the TS 5000 range. This system not only offers functionally, but also optically uniform design, since the drive design is not interrupted. The combination of automatic swing door drive and manual door closer presents a cost-effective version for two-leaf doors in which, for the most part, only the moving leaf is used.

The fixed leaf can quickly and easily be held open by manually setting the program switch to "permanently open". In addition, the combination of the use of asymmetric doors is also an option. The drive housing conceals the closing sequence control function necessary for use on fire protection doors. This ensures that both door leaves close perfectly and in a controlled manner after they are accessed, for example, by a fleeing person in the event of an emergency. The system is highly flexible and available for four types of installation.

Even more safety with the new sensor guide rail

For the required safety of swing door systems in accordance with DIN 18650, there is a new sensor guide rail for the entire Slimdrive EMD drive range and all TSA 160 NT drive variations. The sensor and guide rail can be combined in such a way that they look as if they are a single component. This not only makes the guide rail even more elegant, it means that it can also be installed in conjunction with the safety components on slim door profiles. The result is a much more compact and complete design. The guide rail and the sensor can be demounted individually. Likewise, defective parts can be replaced individually.

Less is more: The new energy and space-saving GC 338 sensor barrier is extremely narrow and discreetly fits in every door trim. In case the sensor is not in use, it automatically switches to sleep mode thus saving energy by up to 50 percent. GC 338 has a very large safety range. Walls are no longer blinded out - the system detects the range beyond the door closing edges up to the wall. With just one module full safety is offered to all GEZE swing door drives for doors up to 1,200 millimetres. GC 338 not only offers benefits when it comes to installation and operation, i.e. "one-button-commissioning" with automatic learn function, the entire door system is supplied via a single interface and can easily and simply be positioned in the door profile. This saves learning time and installation costs.

Even easier to set parameters and to maintain

The Slimdrive EMD F-IS/TS swing door variations can be easily and quickly set and maintained using the wireless software tool GEZEconnects. It has previously only been available for use with sliding door systems, but it can now be used in conjunction with the latest Slimdrive EMD and TSA 160 NT swing door systems.


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