The GEZE ECturn Inside swing door drive - "not visible" integration of barrier freedom

The new ECturn Inside swing door drive: barrier freedom (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) With the new ECturn Inside swing door drive, GEZE links barrier freedom, safety and optimum design. Thanks to the small dimensions, the drive is ideal for integration into the door leaf or into the door frame of interior doors.

The ECturn Inside enables immediate barrier-free automated opening and closing of high-quality doors without compromising their appearance. With a wide range of special functions such as radio push buttons, radio remote controls or audible notices, ECturn Inside can be tailored to the specific user requirements. ECturn Inside can be operated in low energy and automatic modes. In low energy mode, the drive moves the swing door at a reduced speed and thus fulfils the safety level of DIN 18650. Additional safety sensors can be quickly and simply connected as the required interfaces are already available as standard in the drive. The integration of the GEZE ECturn Inside is not limited to certain profile systems either. An optional battery provides a safeguard in the event of a power failure thus ensuring that the door continues to open automatically and safely. This is particularly advantageous for weaker people or people with impaired mobility. In the event of a power failure, the door can also be opened manually.

The integration of ECturn Inside is not restricted to defined profile systems. It can flexibly be mounted in a wide range of door leaves with a minimum thickness of 55 millimetres. Door leaf widths are possible up to 1,100 millimetres or door leaf weights up to 125 kg. The control unit offers design freedom since it can be flexibly mounted up to 10 metres away from the drive.


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