The GEZE Perlan AUT-NT low energy sliding door drive

Intelligent automation of sliding doors
The new GEZE Perlan AUT-NT low energy sliding door system (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) Manual and automatic designer sliding doors are increasing in popularity. They are ideal for office complexes, hotels, doctors' practices or even private living quarters, these doors don't waste space when opened and ensure that the room is used optimally. Shelves, walk-in wardrobes and even entire kitchen blocks can disappear discretely behind a sliding door.

GEZE automates sliding doors with the Perlan AUT-NT. The system contains all components of the Perlan 140 roller-guided sliding door system as well as a door drive, a control unit with integrated power supply and all other components necessary for automatic operation. It is also possible to retro-fit existing Perlan sliding doors with the Perlan AUT-NT system.

As an alternative to sliding "by hand" Perlan AUT-NT is the convenient solution for the automated movement of light weight indoor sliding doors . The "push&go? function enables easy operation since the drive is automatically set in motion at the slightest push on the door leaf. The opening speed of up to a maximum of 0.3 metres per second ensures increased access comfort. Various operating modes such as dead man handle, permanently open or automatic closing with a hold open time between 0 and 35 seconds time enable the system to be adapted to suit the individual requirements of the user. The drive meets all of the requirements for low energy operation in accordance with DIN 18650 since the door moves with reduced force. Part of this are increased safety thanks to power deactivation and reversing when the door meets an obstacle. Thus, the installation of additional safety sensors is no longer necessary. In the event of a power failure, the door can be opened by hand and thus used safely even in an emergency. Perlan AUT-NT can be adapted to suit construction situations and user requirements, for example, users with limited mobility: External switches, radar, radio or sensor controls can be connected with no trouble at all.

Perlan AUT-NT is suitable for use with wood and glass doors and can be used in conjunction with the standard accessories of the Perlan 140 manual sliding door fittings for almost all installation situations and door leaf options. The flexibility of the system reduces planning requirements to a minimum. Perlan AUT-NT can be used as a standard set or tailored flexibly on site to meet the needs of all leaf widths ranging from 450 to 3000 millimetres, all door variants as well as leaf weights of up to 80 kilograms, and up to 40 kilograms for each leaf when used with double-leaf systems. The standard package already contains all of the components required for switch operation. The small installation with an effect drive length of just 130 millimetres ensures that very little space is required for the installation.


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