Fast and efficient programming using GEZEconnects

movement parameter setting; screen shot below: diagnostics function (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) The innovative GEZEconnects software and rapid Bluetooth radio transmission means that the automatic sliding and wing door systems from GEZE can be programmed and maintained both simply and efficiently.

Programming, set-up and diagnostics can easily be carried out using a laptop or PC. Thanks to a clean programming interface and intuitive operation, complex manuals have been rendered superfluous. The Bluetooth radio module is simply connected to the DCU drive control either directly at the drive or via the programming switch. The radio module can be connected temporarily for maintenance purposes or installed permanently in the drive. The documentation of set-up, maintenance and diagnostics data as well as the password protection function protects the system from unauthorized changes to the operational parameters and maintenance data. The simple reading out of fault notifications provides opportunity to save costs when carrying out servicing and maintenance. Diagnostic functions show the most important functional parameters of the door system in real-time. Faults can thus be recognized at a glance and eliminated. GEZEconnects organizes door data perfectly: All door settings can be saved, adopted for additional door systems and sent via email.

GEZEconnects effectively supports day-to-day work with automatic doors from GEZE. Existing systems may also be updated to incorporate GEZEconnects compatibility assuming the hardware prerequisites are met. Software updates can easily be downloaded from the GEZE homepage.


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